The Importance of Fresh Coffee

“Fresh coffee” is a term that gets thrown around a lot, but not many times is the term actually clarified. When talking about “fresh coffee,” sometimes people mean a fresh brew of coffee which is great; however, this does not clarify when the coffee was ground, or more importantly, when it was roasted. The other “fresh coffee” term that people often refer to is “freshly ground coffee.” This is one step closer to achieving a truly fresh cup of coffee, but it still does not describe how long ago the coffee was actually roasted. What one should primarily look for in fresh coffee are all three of these characteristics combined, but most importantly the roast date.

One of the main things that sets us apart at Jennings' Java is our persistence in making sure that our customers are only getting the freshest possible coffee on the market. We do this by only roasting our coffee after we receive an order and packaging it in a sealed bag with a one way releasing valve and ziplock so the bag can be resealed after each cup of coffee. But the question that is important to answer is: why is freshness all that important in coffee industry?

Like many people, I spent the early stages of my coffee years drinking inferior shelf bought coffee that did not even have a roast date on the package. I never even had a second thought about this habit because it was what I thought the industry standard was and what everyone around me was drinking as well. However, this all changed when I had the experience of my first freshly roasted cup of coffee. This was when I decided that it was my mission to bring this amazing coffee experience to as many people as possible. It is at the heart of why I started Jennings' Java.

One of the greatest things about freshly roasted coffee is the fact that when drinking the coffee, you only get the flavor that the coffee has to offer and not the tartness or bad aftertaste of coffee that is old and stale. One of the things that we hear all the time from people who drink our freshly roasted coffee at Jennings' Java is that this was the first time that they have actually enjoyed drinking coffee without having to use flavored cream or sugar to take away from the terrible taste of extremely old roasted coffee.

After coffee has been roasted it is best consumed within the first 3 weeks of the roast date. However, it should not lose too much of that fresh flavor if you take the right steps to keep your coffee in an airtight container (or use the Jennings' Java ziplock bag that you received your coffee in) after every brew.

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