Origin Club 2022
Origin Club 2022

Origin Club 2022

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Much like wine, coffee is an extremely complex beverage that is harvested in different regions around the world. Depending on the variety, growing climate, and origin coffee can have vastly different flavor notes. It is our goal as a roaster to find unique coffees and highlight different flavor notes from each origin. 

Our Coffee Club will focus on sending out a unique coffee from a different origin each month to your doorstep.

This months origin stems from the Lekempti District of Ethiopia. The last three months we brought you smooth, nutty, medium roasts. Well, this month we’re blowing the lid off that!

This natural processed, light roast has some exquisitely sweet strawberry & apricot notes with floral undertones and bright acidity.

This coffee will surely raise some eyebrows and put a smile on your face!


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