About us


Originating in April of 2016, Jennings Java has quickly become a growing brand.  At Jennings Java we honor and respect the origins of coffee.  We feel it’s important to take consumers on a learning experience every time they enjoy cup of Jennings Java.  Our goal as a roaster is to highlight the hard work that the farmers have put into raising the coffee and highlight the unique flavor of each bean that we roast. 

Daniel Jennings

"I am the founder and owner of Jennings Java Coffee Roasters. In the spring of 2016 I started Jennings Java with the hope of making people's day better by offering them fresh coffee to enjoy every morning. I started drinking coffee from a very young age but this passion really took off when a got my drivers license and was able to discover the local coffee scene for myself. One thing I really grew to appreciate was the fact that so many people could find great peace in coming to grab a cup of coffee and escaping the craziness of life at their local cafe. After experiencing the coffee culture for myself I realized that I was going to make a future for myself in the coffee industry. It was not until I tried my hand at roasting coffee that I knew what part of the industry was right for me.

One of my favorite aspects about starting a roasting business is the fact that there is always something new or exciting in the coffee world and I love that I get to be a small part of this fun ride.

Outside of Jennings Java I have a couple of other hobbies. I am a big fan of all things music with my favorite genre being reggae. One of the best things about music is the fact that there are songs for any season or any mood you might be in. One of my favorite things to do is put on a new album and sample a new coffee. I find that this is a way to create a one of a kind memory by both the flavor of the Java but also the sound of new music.

My other main hobby is getting out on a bright sunny day and enjoying time on my paddle board with my dog Darcy Jane. I find that getting out on the water is one of the best ways to see God's amazing creation and artwork and find it extremely hard to come off the water in a bad mood no matter what the day might have brought."

A.J. Kazmierczak

"Hey everyone, I have a double major in Business Management and Marketing. I manage our social media pages and work to schedule new events. I like to talk and love to interact with people.  I am excited about the future for Jennings Java thanks to you, our customers who continue to send us great feedback.  My personal favorite is our Early Bird roast with the Guatemalan beans.  It is unlike any single origin coffee I have ever had, meaning that it is light and fruity.  When you drink it let the coffee sit on the back of your tongue to really appreciate the incredible flavors of the coffee (the little extra caffeine doesn’t hurt either)."